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Top 5 Major Causes of Injuries Requiring First Aid in Australia

Shenoa Gittins - Monday, May 05, 2014

Injuries occur every day in Australia and there are 5 major causing factors of these incidents. First aid training is an extremely useful skill to have when these injuries occur as it helps save lives between the time of an incident until medical assistance arrives.

Transport Accidents

Transport accidents are a leading factor in injuries and death across Australia. The latest statistics from ABS from 2009 reveal over 1000 registered deaths caused by transport incidents during that year alone. Majority of these accidents involved a car (71%). Cyclists (2%) and pedestrians (13%) accidents made up the next significant amount of injuries.


Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to hospitalisation from poisoning, spiking and acquired injuries. According to Government website Drinking Nightmare intoxicated individuals are more likely to incur injuries with 52% of all serious injuries being alcohol related. On average 87.9% of Australian drinkers consume alcohol in excess of the Australian Guidelines.


Drugs are a serious health issue and can cause a number of dangerous situations for anyone taking them or those in contact with a person taking certain drugs. There are a range of drugs consumed by Australians with different side effects and reactions. 

Accidents at Home

Domestic accidents are quite common. The most common events leading to injuries at home tend to be cuts and falls. Around the home males are more likely to become injured specifically cut related. 

Accidents at Work

Workplaces can be very dangerous, especially if a workplace does not meet health and safety regulations. The most common forms of injuries in the workplace are sprains, strains, muscle conditions, cuts and open wounds. Between 2011 and 2012 majority of injuries were caused by a vehicle accident or rollover, followed by being hit by a falling or moving object.

Shenoa Gittens

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