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10 Things Everyone Needs To Know About First Aid

Shenoa Gittins - Friday, May 09, 2014

There are 10 important things everyone needs to know about first aid. First aid saves lives and is a vital skill for anyone to have regardless of employment status.

1. Who is a First Aider?

The first aider is someone who has successfully completed a nationally accredited first aid training course or equal training with the competency to administer first aid. This will be the person who will administer first aid in an emergency and you should be aware of this person if possible.

2. First Aid Facilities

First aid facilities include health centres, first aid rooms, clean water supplies and other important facilities needed to administer appropriate first aid.

3. Do Not Apply First Aid Without Permission

A first aider must seek the consent of the patient before they apply first aid. A person can bring a charge of assault/battery if touched without consent. For persons under the age of 18, consent can be sought from their parent or guardian when available.

4. First Aid Training Requirements

First Aid certificates are valid for 3 years, however the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) recommends annual refresher training in CPR and defibrillation.

5. Important Information for Business Owners

Business owners have the primary duty under the WHS Act to ensure all persons are not exposed to health and safety risks. These regulations include the following requirements to be met:

  • Must provide first aid equipment and ensure everyone has access to it
  • Ensure access to first aid facilities 
  • Have an adequate number of workers undertaken first aid training

6. Your Workplace must comply with First Aid Requirements!

65% of workplaces are unaware of the new First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice, only 13% of workplaces are compliant with the code, 56% of employers report having had a first aid emergency in the last few years.


It is important to understand what DR ABCD stands for:

  • D – Danger
  • R – Response
  • S – Send for help
  • A – Airway
  • B – Breathing
  • C – CPR
  • D – Defibrillator

8. First Aid in History

First aid has been around since as early as the 11th century when it was administered on the battlefield.

9. Fast Thinking is Key

The brain begins to suffer irreversible damage after only 3-4 minutes when there is a shortage of oxygen. First aid treatment can assist in preventing this from happening.

10. First Aid Knowledge

The more training you have in first aid the better chance you have of assisting a person in need in a larger number of situations. First aid is not constricted to an industry or type of person; everyone should learn first aid. You could save the life of your child, your colleague, your partner, or a stranger walking down the street.

Shenoa Gittens

Shenoa Gittins - Shenoa is the Operations Manager and part owner of RAM Training Services. You can keep up to date with Shenoa on , Facebook and LinkedIn.

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